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Laboratory Verification Program for Pork - Laboratory Approval Procedures  
B. Submission of Completed Admission Kit

AMS will send an admission kit to each laboratory making a written request for admission into the program. The kit will contain the following:

1. A letter stating the parameters of the program, including fees. AMS will set fees based on administrative costs. The program administration fee for the year of entrance into the program will be higher than that of subsequent years. The fees will be examined yearly to ensure that the program is self-supporting.

2. A document specifying the technical details of the program.

3. An application for detailing the education and training of analysts, the physical condition of the laboratory, the capabilities of the laboratory with regard to the required analytical testing, and the pork plant(s) they will be servicing.

4. A request for a statement from a pork plant specifying that they will be using the laboratory seeking admission. The statement must be on company letterhead and signed by an appropriate plant official.

5. A request for submission of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on the maintenance and calibration of equipment and instrumentation, and quality control procedures followed in the laboratory. Also requested is an SOP of the analytical procedure(s) to be performed. A photocopy of a published method is not sufficient. The exact procedure as followed in the laboratory is required.

6. A request for a signed statement from the Laboratory Director stating that the laboratory will only use the methods specified by AMS for the analysis of pork product for exportation to Russia.

7. A request for designation of the group(s) of residues the laboratory wishes to analyze in the program. A laboratory may be admitted to test any or all of the following groups (a) Tetracyclines, (b) Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and Total Plate Count.

C. Review of Documents Submitted

AMS will review the SOPs and make recommendations where necessary. Laboratories must respond to the recommendations before the laboratory is considered for inclusion in the program.

D. Proficiency Test Sample

Before acceptance into the program, laboratories intending the analysis of tetracyclines must carry out proficiency tests to demonstrate their capabilities in analyzing tetracyclines at trace levels. Laboratories intending the analyses of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and Total Plate Count must participate in a relevant proficiency test program administered either by the AOAC International or the American Proficiency Institute (API), obtain a satisfactory testing result, and have the testing results directly sent form these institutions to the Program Manager.

E. Issuance of Acceptance

AMS will issue a letter to those laboratories attaining acceptance into the program. A copy of this letter must be provided to the FSIS Inspector-In-Charge (IIC). Without this letter, the IIC will not accept the analytical results.

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  Last Modified Date: 01/14/2013