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Marketing Orders
Class III/IV Price Make-Allowances Exhibits cont.  
15 2005 Mailbox Milk Prices for Selected Areas [PDF]
16 Federal Order Pricing Formulas [PDF]
17 January 9-13, 2006: Dairy Market News: Volume 73, Report 02 [PDF]
18 Testimony of Charles Ling [PDF]
19 1998 Dairy Product Plant Cost [PDF]
20 1998 Dairy Product Plant Cost (California Plants not Included) [PDF]
21 Testimony of Kelly Krug [PDF]
22 Testimony of Venetta Reed [PDF]
23 CDFA 2004 Manufacturing Cost Study. Released November 18, 2005 [PDF]
24 CDFA Updated 2004 Manufacturing Cost Study: Amended January 2006 [PDF]
25 CDFA Updated 2004 Manufacturing Cost [PDF]Study: Amended January 2006 with cover letter [PDF]
26 2004 Electricity and Gas Cost Tables for California Powder/Butter/Cheese/Whey Producers [PDF]
27 Testimony of Howard McDowell [PDF]
28 Econometric Baseline Model Documentation
29 Testimony and Tables of Robert Wellington [PDF]
30 Testimony of Arden Tewksbury [PDF]
31 Testimony of Donna Hall [PDF]
32 Testimony of Gerald Carlin [PDF]
33 Testimony of Brenda Cochran [PDF]
34 Testimony of Joe Logan [PDF]
35 List of Cooperatives and Plants participating in RCBS 1998 and 2004 survey [PDF]
36 Notice to Interested Parities from USDA. Date November 15, 2006 [PDF]
37 Letters to USDA supporting hearing on make allowance [PDF]
38 Testimony of Rodney Carlson [PDF]
39 Testimony of Richard Scheverman [PDF]
40 Testimony of Richard Longworthy [PDF]
41 Testimony of Dennis Schad [PDF]
42 Exhibit Tables of Dennis Schad [PDF]
43 Testimony of Neil Gulden [PDF]
44 Testimony of Joseph Weis [PDF]
45 Testimony of John Davis [PDF]
46 Testimony of Charles Galarneau [PDF]
47 Testimony of Brian Scott Burelson [PDF]
48 Associated Materials of Brian Scott Burelson [PDF]
49 Testimony of Craig Alexander [PDF]
50 Testimony of Greg Dryer [PDF]
51 Testimony of Dan Desjarlais [PDF]
52 Testimony of Daniel McBride [PDF]
53 Testimony of Russ DeKruyf [PDF]
54 Testimony of Patricia Stroup [PDF]
55 Testimony of Neil Gulden [PDF]
56 Testimony of Michael McCully [PDF]
57 University of Wisconsin - Madison Marketing and Policy Briefing Paper [PDF]
58 Statement of Roger Cryan [PDF]
59 Price Formulas - submitted by the National Cheese Institute [PDF]
60 Modified Statement of Roger Cryan [PDF]
61 Testimony of Thomas Pittman [PDF]
62 Agri-Mark Newsletters [PDF]
63 Undated Economic Analysis performed by Dairy Programs [PDF]
64 Testimony of Dennis Schad [PDF]
65 2004 DFA Cheese manufacturing costs [PDF]
66 Testimony of Sue Taylor [PDF]
67 Testimony of Bob Yonkers [PDF]

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  Last Modified Date: 06/28/2006