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Answer to Question 7  
7. What do you do with the seeds? Where are they kept?

Answer: A small sample (less than 25 seeds) may be kept by the examiner to assist in the examination process. This sample is destroyed once examination is complete and the sample is no longer needed. The bulk of the seed sample serves as a voucher specimen, for PVPO's use should a question ever arise about the validity of the description. The sample is sent to the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (NCGRP) in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The memorandum of understanding between PVPO and NCGRP states that these seed samples will be kept separate from their general collection during the term of PVPO protection. When received by NCGRP, their staff count the seeds in the sample and tests it for germination rate. If the sample is too small in size or too low in germination, they report that to the PVP Office. PVPO then requests seed replenishment. (This process is repeated periodically during the examination and protection periods. Therefore, we always need to know how to contact the applicant (or owner) in case seed replenishment is needed.) The seed sample is then placed in long-term storage, according to practices established by NCGRP.

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  Last Modified Date: 08/09/2006