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Grading, Certification, and Verification
Russian Federation Export Program  
Guidelines for Third-party Certification Contractors

AMS is responsible for providing certification of various factors on product eligible for export to the Russian Federation. In order to accomplish this certification, two options are available to exporting agents. In the first option, AMS graders perform all checks related to the certification of the product. Alternatively, exporters may request an approved third-party certifying contractor to provide qualified personnel to perform and document required checks in the certification process.

The following guidelines provide the criteria specific to the Russian Federation when participating in this program.

General requirements for exporting poultry products to the Russian Federation may be found at the FSIS Export Library website. All the listed requirements must be met in order for product to be eligible to be exported to the Russian Federation. FSIS will provide certification of the product for their areas of responsibility. AMS is responsible for the certification of these remaining areas at time of shipment.

  • Sanitation of transport vehicles (cargo ships) prior to loading
  • Label information, verification that product presented for export is certified by FSIS as eligible for export to the Russian Federation
  • Box condition examination

For companies to be accredited for third-party certification in the Russian Federation Export Program, the following is required:

  • All requirements of Poultry Programs, Grading Division document PAMP 100.0 Quality Systems Verification Programs General Policies and Procedures.
  • All requirements and documentation of Poultry Programs, Grading Division document PAMP 101.3 Export Certification Program Russian Federation.

Contact Information:

USDA, AMS, Livestock, Poultry, and Seed Program
14th & Independence, Room 3935
Washington, DC 20250

  PAMP 100.0 QSVP General Policies and Procedures (PDF)  
  PAMP 101.3 Export Certification Program Russian Federation (PDF)  
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  Last Modified Date: 04/03/2014