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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 4 - 6  
4. Who is responsible for enforcing labeling requirements associated with the revised U.S. grade standards?

Answer: USDA is responsible for enforcing grade statements that include the official U.S. prefix, marks, or seals.

All other labeling requirements are the enforcement responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

5. How can I get my olive oil graded?

Answer: USDA, AMS, Fruit and Vegetable Program, Specialty Crops inspection (SCI) Division has nationwide field offices and additional inspection points. Please contact the SCI field office nearest you as listed on our SCI Offices web page.

6. How much will official USDA inspection cost?

Answer: Fees for inspection and certification are provided in our regulations, 7 CFR 52, and can also be found on our SCI Fees web page.

Our fees are based on a lot inspection rate of $62.00 per hour; this fee includes: travel time, sampling, grading, and certification. The fees are based on the size of the lot and the time required to provide services.

In addition, there is a separate fee for the laboratory analyses required for grading olive oil. Laboratory fees are based on a current rate of $81.00 per hour, which can be found in 7 CFR 91. The laboratory fees include all required analyses, both chemical and sensory, as well as sample storage, recordkeeping, and reporting.

SCI can provide customized services to ensure inspection is cost-effective. Please contact us to discuss inspection options.

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  Last Modified Date: 05/29/2014