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Grading Certification and Verification
Grading and Verification Division  
Grading and Verification Division
The Grading and Verification Division provides industry and consumer services that includes application of USDA-developed, and industry recognized standards as well as verification services that utilizes the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 19011:2002 guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing.

Grading determines the quality and yield of carcasses, while the ISO based verification service provides a format for evaluating program documentation to ensure consistent practices and promote international recognition of audit results more commonly known as the Quality Systems Verification Programs (QSVP).

Prime Shield Grading Services
PVP Shield Verification Services
The Grading and Verification Services are designed to provide suppliers the opportunity to assure customers of their ability to provide consistent quality products or services whether it is product graded USDA Prime, Choice and Select, Certified Angus or product verified for one of our many marketing claims such as Source Verified, Naturally Raised and Grass Fed. Please follow the links above to get more specific information on the services we provide as well as who to contact and how to apply.

  Last Modified Date: 07/08/2011