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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service administers programs that facilitate the efficient, fair marketing of U.S. agricultural products, including food, fiber, and specialty crops.


USDA Foods Get Even Greener

New green menu gets a thumbs up from school administrators and kids

St. Patrick's Day might be over, but at USDA we're still sporting our green. That's because of the success of one food in particular--a vegetable underdog: broccoli! As one of the newest additions to the USDA Foods lineup, AMS purchased 6.87 million pounds (nearly $7.6 million) of broccoli during FY 2013, and FY 2014 purchasing has been even more robust.

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Acting Local, Growing Global for Good Food

Administrator Alonzo with folks at the Good Food Festival and Conference

For over a century, my hometown of Chicago has been a cultural, financial, and agricultural hub. And as a hub, it has a long history of supporting innovation and opportunity. From the first cattle drives came the great Chicago Stockyards that supplied meat to the nation. From the early trading of the Chicago Butter and Egg Board came the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The city's richly-woven tapestry of cultural diversity and the success of its food businesses prove Chicago's value as an ideal business cultivator.

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Producing Positive Results During National Nutrition Month

A watermelon demonstration at the Produce Safety University

Healthy eating plus physical fitness equals a positive lifestyle. It is a concept that has been talked about for years. Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of the equation and a corner stone for National Nutrition Month. Through a number of services, the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) ensures that fresh, high-quality produce can reach each and every neighborhood.

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The Growth of an Industry - 18,000+ Certified Organic Operations in the U.S. Alone

A map of organic operations by state in 2013

American organic farmers and producers are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Organic production contributes to building a stronger rural America by creating economic opportunities for farms and businesses of all sizes. In the U.S. alone, there are now 18,513 certified USDA organic operations, representing nearly a 245 percent increase since 2002. And there are over 25,000 certified organic operations in more than 120 different countries around the world.

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